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Why Customers Choose QAtronic company
Our team collaborates with your developers and completely fits into the company's work schedule
Convenient working hours for you
Accelerating the testing process by an average of 50%
Save your staff time and money spent on testing
Only experienced testers will work on your project
The work experience of our specialists is 3-5 years
We work with a wide range of professionals ready to get to work
Fast selection of performers
We conclude an employment contract and a non-disclosure agreement
Transparency and confidentiality of testing
We calculate the cost and select the service according to your request
An individual approach to every customer
Receive a free consultation
When you contact us for the first time, you will get an expert assessment and recommendations on selecting a testing program for your task
Our services
Make sure all the functions of your software are working correctly
Functional testing
We will help you:
Assess the criticality of defects found
Verify the product's compliance with the requirements
Analyze the level of software quality
Test the correct operation of the software under various conditions of use
Making a plan of analysis according to your requirements
Developing test cases and coordinating the timing of testing
Do testing and fixing errors
Making a report and giving recommendations
Verification Steps:
Check the performance and stability of your software
Performance Testing
Timely testing will ensure smooth operation and reduce software debugging costs.
Making a test plan
Writing code for test situations (scripts)
Studying the object and context of testing
Making a report
Giving recommendations on optimizing the performance of your software
Running scripts and fixing defects
The simplicity and usability of the software increase the efficiency of business processes, increase user satisfaction and their loyalty to the product
Assess how easy and user-friendly your software is
Usability testing
As a result of testing, you will learn:
Correspondence of conversion and actual user routes
Speed of user adaptation
The efficiency of the feedback mechanism
Usability level of app navigation
The user's first impression of your product
Matching the software interface to your business goals
The app elements that catch the customer's attention the most
Find out how well your software works on different platforms and browsers
Compatibility testing
We will check the compatibility of the software with the different:
The service package includes:
Verification of the correctness of the interface display in different browsers. Assessment of application operation in different environments.
Cross browser testing
Analysis of app performance at the runtime level. Detection of defects related to the user environment.
Cross platform testing
Customer configurations
Operating systems
Screen resolutions
Make sure that your software works correctly on mobile devices
Mobile testing
We do testing:
Performance of the front-end of the mobile app
Mobile apps and websites in real networks of cellular operators
Usability with real users
Load testing (Back-end)
Mobile apps on real devices and emulators
Make the software testing process faster and more accurate
Automated testing
Verification is performed through additional programs with a set of test cases
Advantages over manual testing:
Easy maintenance
Ramping up testing coverage

Making a report

Developing a testing algorithm

Launch the program and fix the defects

Determine the amount of automation

Selecting test tools for your tasks
How we do business:

We assign specialists to your company

We do the work under the contract

You pay for your order

We commit to a contract, NDA

We calculate the cost and deadline

You fill out the brief
Receive a website audit as a gift
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